General Power of Attorney Example



TO ALL PERSONS, be it known that [PERSON] (Passport Number 000000000) with residential address located at [ADDRESS] (herein ‘the Grantor’) and Director of;


NAME OF CORPORATION, (herein ‘the Company’)


The Grantor, does hereby make and grant a General Power of Attorney to the individual mentioned below as it’s attorney-in-fact:


 [PERSONS NAME], a national of the [country], Passport number: [0000000]


My Attorney-in-Fact shall have full power and authority to do and undertake all acts on my behalf that I could do personally as a Director, subject to the terms outlined below, with full power of substitution and revocation, including but not limited by the said authority the right to negotiate the sell, deal, buy, trade, lease, assign, rent, or disposal, of any of the Company’s present or future goods (including [LIST SPECIFICALLY ITEMS OR PRODUCTS] – herein ‘products’), the right to execute, accept, undertake and perform any and all contracts in the Company’s name relating to the sale of the Companies products; the right to deposit, endorse, or negotiate financial instruments, letters of credit to or from any of the Company’s bank accounts and/or depositories in relation to the sale of the products; the right to initiate, defend, commence or settle legal actions on the Company’s behalf but with notice thereof being required to be supplied to the Directors of the Company; the right to vote (in person or by proxy) any shares or beneficial interest in any entity, and the right to retain any accountant, attorney and or any other advisor deemed necessary to protect the Company’s interest generally or relative to any forgoing unlimited power.

The Company’s Attorney-in-Fact hereby accepts this appointment subject to its terms, including the Special Terms listed below, and agrees to act and perform in the said fiduciary capacity consistent with the Company’s best interests and subject to all relevant laws both in fact and in spirit and generally to act with the best interest of the Company in mind and affirms to ratify all acts undertaken as a result of the power of attorney granted.



  1. If any loan instruments are negotiated or any contract/agreement which results in a specific debt or obligation on the part of the Grantor; verification MUST first be sought from the directors of the undertaking before proceeding.
  2. This General Power of Attorney may not be used to open a bank account facility or to indebt the company in any matter.



Signed under seal this [00] day of [MONTH] 20___


Signed [PERSON]: